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Sacred Sons Leadership Training Level 1 is an intensive online and in-person hybrid training dedicated to providing men the skillset, container, and mentorship to embody the way of honest and grounded masculine leadership. Each trainee will have the opportunity to run his own council during the training with a panel of facilitator feedback.

Who is this for?

The leadership training is designed for men who are:

Community Leaders

Current Facilitators

Future Facilitators


10 Weeks of Inner-Work, Masculine Alchemy Frameworks, Instruction & Practice.



Men will have the opportunity to return home to their communities with the skillset and resources to start or deepen their masculine leadership in all realms of their life. Men who feel called to the path of facilitating in Sacred Sons will have the opportunity to continue with Ambassadorship and Support Facilitation through continued training.


The core of leadership training is comprised of inner-work. We pivot from interal work focused on self to internal work focused on the external. Reconnection to authentic self and masculine archetypes is the pathway for this. This training will require students to have some degree of inner-work experience with Sacred Sons (see prerequisites below).


We will have lecture sessions that explore deep concepts, structures, and best practices for running men's councils. The lecture sessions will use Sacred Sons council methodologies that are present in all of our circles and gatherings.


The bulk experience of this training will be live online practice. Each man will get the chance to run council on the training with full feedback from the the facilitator panel. Men will have the opportunity to bring forth their unique presence from the frameworks of Sacred Sons council methodologies.

What can you do with Level 1 Training?

Act as a Beacon of Masculinity in Your Life

Level 2 Training & EMX Facilitation Training

Support on EMX gatherings

Enrollment Options

Next Cohort Begins October 2023

Registration Closes October 23rd


Includes both Online Session and any EMX to fulfill the In-Person EMX THRESHOLD experience.

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Registration Closes October 23rd









Training Details

Sacred Sons Level 1 Leadership Training is an immersive training dedicated to providing men the skillset and resources to start or deepen their masculine leadership in all realms of their life. The training will consist of experiential learning, inner-work, and practice. Each student will have the opportunity to run his own council during the training with a leader feedback. 

PREREQUISITES: Men applying to LT1 are required to have some in-person experience with Sacred Sons or have a pre-screening call.  

SCHEDULE: Weekly Zoom meetings 10 consecutive weeks. Day/times TBD after enrollment and group poll for optimal times.

IN-PERSON EMX THRESHOLD: Each online cohort trainee will have the opportunity to meet in-person for an EMX THRESHOLD experience. Attendance to the in-person EMX THRESHOLD experience is required within 6 months of online training completion. Any Sacred Sons EMX event can be applied as a THRESHOLD experience. LT1 training is 100% online while the THRESHOLD experience serves as an overarching anchor point through the lens of leadership.


This is call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who they are.


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