The One is an exclusive 1-on-1 transformational mentorship program to support you in your highest alignment and optimal functioning physically, emotionally, relationally, mentally, and spiritually.

Through re-orienting around the Core Pillars of Masculinity rooted in ancient principles of the Elements we will draw upon proven frameworks and methodologies of self-development, while utilizing the power of ceremony, ritual, deep practice, and consistent connection, to help you successfully achieve deeper levels of masculine embodiment.


3 to 6 Months of 1-on-1 Masculine Confrontation & Growth.


As co-founders of a global brotherhood of men committed to embodying the fullest expression of our masculinity, we have pierced through the complex web of societal pressures, cultural & religious conditioning, cross-generational trauma, and limiting belief systems in our own lives to be able to effectively guide thousands of men into their own authentic expression of embodied masculinity.

We have had the honor of helping men from around the world, from CEOs to start-up entrepreneurs, and we are ready to support you in your journey.

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By The Numbers


Sacred Sons Co-Founders

We are here to support you in living in your power, so that you may show up as the leader, husband, father, beloved, and man that you know you have the potential to be, but simply haven't had the consistent support and accountability to rise into. With us as your team of coaches, we are in your corner to call you into your highest expression. You will have direct access to us and receive no-BS leadership, guidance, and support through honest feedback, skillful reflections, and sacred space to purge your pain and liberate yourself from ways of living and relating which no longer serve you and those around you.

Jason Mack

NOSS - Navigator of Sacred Sons, Director of Trainings & Founding Partner

...brings the intention of InterSovereignty through a deep love for growing alongside others.

Jason has spent the past 10 years gathering fuel for the fire of Sacred Sons men's work through Men's Leadership, Experiential Design, Shadow Work, Emotional Intelligence, Breathwork, Archetypal Psychology, Active Listening, Ancestral Health/Nutrition, Yoga, Life Strategy, Diversity Awareness, Plant Medicines, and Forgiveness.

He has spent over 5,000+ field hours leading men's work trainings and has witnessed thousands of men's individual processes. 

After surviving a coma from drug and alcohol abuse early in life, Jason made an agreement to serve life and all that grows within it. From this devotion, he brings paradigm-piercing medicine to containers while still being a student of the unknown.

Jason has previously held roles as a creative director in the corporate realm, multiple council chairs in the Mankind Project, and a video producer.

Jason has chosen this path of facilitating men's work to help restore the father archetype on this planet. He has had the honor and privilege to study and train with 1st wave mentors of the "Men's Work Movement", and is grateful to be a bridge of that lineage into the modern men's work movement.   

Adam Jackson

 VOSS - Voice of Sacred Sons, Director of Operations & Founding Partner

...holds a vision for ushering brotherhood to the forefront of our community as a means for conscious healing. He is a Co-Founder, Director of Operations, and the Voice of Sacred Sons. 

Adam is a true renaissance man—with his education in science, background in art and music, and ongoing exploration of love, travel and experiential community building. 

Prior to Co-Founding Sacred Sons, Adam held a 12 year career as a Sr. Mechanical Engineer working in the environmental water quality industry. He led product development the CastAway-CTD™, a patented instrument used to monitor the effects of climate change on ocean currents.
Adam was also the vocalist for the progressive hardcore band Twelve Tribes. From 2000 to 2007 the band toured throughout North America and Europe with fellow bands Killswitch Engage, Poison the Well, etc. Twelve Tribes released 3 full length albums and also appeared on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball to debut the video for their most notable track ‘Venus Complex’.

Fatherhood has set Adam on a heart-opening journey of conscious parenting and commitment to living one’s truth. Adam is devoted to continual inner-exploration and has the intuitive ability to connect others to their path and purpose. His spiritual practices have led him to Inipi Ceremony (Sweat Logde), men’s circles, plant medicine ceremonies, and transformational gatherings. 
He is walking his spiritual path with the power of self-love and the intention to raise the collective consciousness of our human family. 

Neil Christiansen

 WOO - Weaver of Opportunities, Director of Sacred Sons Foundation & Founding Partner
...holds himself and all men closer to their loving essence through deepening their connection to presence and source. 
A father to two divine daughters Neil lives is steadfast commitment to his family and the brotherhood as he tills the soil of future harvests in support of Sacred Sons, the substratum of its core team, and every individual yearning for deep connection in brotherhood. Neil’s embodiment training in organizational guidance and visioning was forged through ten years of developing a non-profit organization in the jungles of Panama to support indigenous communities through education. This experience rooted his awareness of self and connection to God that aligned his path to step with grace and humility into this brotherhood. As a founding partner and Sacred Sons Foundation’s Director his contributions span through all moving parts and generations of this Sacred Sons. 
Neil is here to walk alongside his brothers in remembering the call of love and its teachings. 
Home is Maui, Hawaii where his home is always open to the brotherhood! 


This is a call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who he is.


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