WILD & WISE Facilitator Training

(space limited to 25 men)


Next Session // March 17-19th, 2020 // Maui, HI

Discover a powerful Men’s workshop that connects men with their own body, power, vulnerability, boundaries and a true sense of brotherhood! 


3 Days of Practice, Lecture, & Wildness.


Training Pillars:

After completing this three day training, you will be invited to complete the training process with a three month follow up process with a core team of facilitators. This process ensures that you will hold this medicine with the utmost integrity and safety, and most importantly, that you yourself will be appropriately supported in your own transformational journey. In the training we will cover:

Archetypal Study

This experience is centered around embodying the integrated masculine archetypes, and it is essential to learn about them as well as to embody them.

Physical Archetypal Practices

As you learn each archetype, you will learn the drills, games and challenges that go with each one.  You will also learn how to skillfully and safely modify and adapt them to fit the group you’re working with.

Wild & Wise Skills and Frameworks

This style of space holding is a very unique one.  It is deeply confronting and legitimately dangerous, and therefore holds tremendous healing and connective potential when wielded with skill and confidence.  You will learn the macro and micro skills and perspectives to hold extraordinary space.

Ambassador Program

Once you complete the training, the 3-month follow up course (included), and acquire an inexpensive liability insurance (information provided), you will be prepared to host the Wild & Wise Experience.

Becoming a Wild & Wise Ambassador gives you the right to market W&W classes or programs using the W&W brand through any communication channels (social media, newsletters, websites).

Who is this for?

The facilitator intensive is designed for men who are:

Community Leaders

Current Facilitators Ready To Elevate

Future Embodiment Facilitators

The Future of Fitness

The Wild & Wise Facilitator Training is an intensive experiential training that will take you deep into your own primal space holding wisdom.  To support men as they embody open hearted cooperation, as well as confrontation and the resulting deep brotherhood bond.

With your Wild & Wise Facilitator Training, you will guide men to embrace and experience the four masculine archetypes within each of us.  The W&W Experience you will learn to lead is not about understanding them or discussing them, but embodying them fully in an environment that can hold these primal masculine energies.

From this intensive training and the 3 month follow-up virtual group training process, you will be prepared to hold your own Wild & Wise Experience in your local communities, at Sacred Sons EMX gatherings (more info here) or at other appropriate gatherings.

Men embodying their whole, balanced archetypal selves is potent medicine for the world and we want to train a team of men ready to wield this powerful medicine of both their Wildness & Wisdom!

Are you ready?


The Facilitator

Trevor Spring

Trevor is a men’s embodiment coach, Founder of Wild & Wise, a Men’s archetypal embodiment experiential workshop and Wild & Wise Online, an online course of Health, Breathwork and Brotherhood. He is also the Director of the Oahu Chapter of Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii, and is a husband, father and step-father. 


Specializing in emotional, primal embodiment and the underlying states of health required to house mature masculinity, Trevor has spent the last 17 years working deeply as a holistic health and movement coach. After years of doing his own unlayering process of men’s work with groups like the Mankind Project (MKP) and other groups, it became clear that an “old self” and “new self” integration was called for.

Men’s work was beginning to feel heady, conceptual and based in story...full of important brotherly connections but like a support group for keeping things the same and just surviving within the existing paradigm.

So Trevor began his process of experimentation. Several years of leading men’s hike/circles called “The Call to Balance” that were based on embodied, experiential brotherhood, disconnecting from society and immersing in nature. Still hungry for a more powerful template, he created Wild & Wise, a men’s experience based around the four Jungian masculine archetypes of the Lover, Warrior, Magician and King...not to be discussed and understood, but to be experienced and embodied. This experiential workshop is about contact. It’s about connection. It’s about men meeting and experiencing these archetypal energies within them, together and in all the raw potential that’s there, dormant within them. Wild & Wise has truly come alive at the Convergences and has become a pillar of the Sacred Son’s experience of masculine alchemy.

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zoom calls

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Training Details

APPLICATION: Men are required to fill out a training application in order to be considered admission for the training. The training is limited to 25 applicants. Application will be sent via email after purchase.

PREREQUISITES: There are no prerequisites to complete prior to applying to the Wild & Wise Facilitator Training.  

Before a facilitator can hold a Wild & Wise experience, they are required to complete the 3 month post-training course.  The course will include bi-monthly group zoom calls and a monthly 1:1 call with Trevor. There are physical prerequisites that will be shared once you have completed the training.

SCHEDULE: Welcome/Arrival begins Tuesday at 12pm and the training officially begins at 3pm. The training will conclude onThursday at 5pm.

(if you plan to attend the EMX that weekend, you are welcome to stay on site until it begins).

LODGING: Sleeping on-site is required and will be camping (Private room available at additional rate). You will have access to all of the amenities on the property including…?

MEALS: We will share meals together throughout the training. Beginning Tuesday dinner thru lunch through Thursday lunch. Our Sacred Son’s chef will prepare hearty, vegetarian meals throughout the weekend. Feel free to bring non-vegetarian items to add to your dinner or to share.

We will also provide snacks and beverages (water, coffee, tea) throughout the day. Please bring your refillable bottles/cups and/or snacks you know you'll want for the training.


This is call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who they are.


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