We're Converging October


April 22-25th, 2021, Jacumba, CA

Standard Camping


Includes all meals, campsite, parking & workshops


2 Payments


Includes all meals, campsite, parking & workshops



Our Convergence scholarships are designated for men who identify as black or indigenous, men of color. Full scholarships are limited due to site capacity however we will receive and connect with each applicant individually for partial scholarships.


Frequently Asked Questions

The San Diego airport is the closest airport to the Convergence site at approximately 1 hour East.


Carpooling is organically established in the community on our Brothership Network app. If you are not on the Brothership Network you can join at brothers.sacredsons.com

Arrival time is 10a-3p on Thursday. The Convergence begins promptly at 3pm on Thursday and ends 3pm on Sunday. 

All lodging is camping, unless you purchase a private room.

You will have access to all of the amenities at Liberty Arising, including showers, restrooms, outdoor pool, steam room, hot tub, cold plunge, hiking trails, indoor community spaces, and outdoor geo-dome. 

 We will share meals together throughout the weekend. Sacred Son’s chef will prepare hearty, plant-based meals throughout the weekend.
We will also provide snacks and beverages (water, coffee, tea) throughout the day. Please bring your refillable bottles/cups to use throughout the weekend.

The Convergence will be organized in small teams that stay together for each experience/workshop. Each participant will also be given a Sacred Sons neck gaiter/mask upon entry. Nearly all workshops will be outdoors. All lodging is outdoor camping.

Additionally, we will follow the state of California's recommended practices for small gatherings.

A health waiver and guidelines will be issued upon registration. Anyone showing signs or symptoms of illness will be asked to stay at home.

If you have more inquiries regarding this please send an email to [email protected] with "convergence pandemic inquiry" in the subject line.

The full schedule will be given upon arrival to the gathering.




We Converge In









Team Leaders

Lion Heart

Adam Jackson


...holds a vision for ushering brotherhood to the forefront of our community as a means for conscious healing.

Adam is devoted to continual inner-exploration. His spiritual practices have led him to become involved in Inipi (Sweat Lodge), men’s circles, plant medicine ceremonies, and transformational gatherings. 
He is walking his spiritual path with the power of self-love and the intention to raise the collective consciousness of our human family.

Stag Squad

Jason MacKenzie


...brings the intention of InterSovereignty through a deep love for growing alongside others.

Jason has spent the past 10 years gathering fuel for the fire of Sacred Sons through Men's Leadership, Experiential Design, Ritual, Shadow Work, Emotional Intelligence, Breathwork, Archetypal Psychology, Active Listening, Ancestral Health/Nutrition, Plant Medicines, and Forgiveness.

He has spent over 4,000 field hours leading men's work trainings and has witnessed 1000+ men's individual processes. 

Dragon Spirit

Aubert Bastiat


...shares the fire of love ignited in his spiritual heart during a non-substance-induced mystical awakening that saved his life and set him on a path of devotional purpose.

He is holding space for individual and collective healing so that all men may open their hearts and awaken to their sacred masculinity. Leading with love for his brothers he shares the medicines of heart, circle, drum, breath, and spirit. 
He brings over a decade on in-depth study, practice, training facilitating consciousness transformation for individuals and groups into the work of Masculine Alchemy.  

Bear Heart

I am here to live, love & contribute as much as Spirit allows. To be of service to this planet and all who pass through. Pure love And integrity is my Truth and represents the ways in which I navigate this experience. I have taken on a life of inner-standing be it mind, body and soul. I am here to be a strong Father, and Root for La Forza Sagrada, a calling in a strategic stance to end all trauma to women and children for a minimum of 3 generations, and for all of humanity to start the shift be truly safe. We are here to unite to end all wars with self other self and outside of self, while creating heaven on earth for our children’s children’s children. We can accomplish this!

Eagle Clan

Kale Ka'alekahi

Kale Ka’alekahi is a Spiritual Activist and Cultural Innovator. He is a lineage carrier of Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation) Traditions. Kale is a practitioner of living system designs, martial arts, ceremonialist, indigenous dance, and art.  This work has led him to be the Director of Inter-Cultural Emergence of Sacred Sons.

Pillar Facilitators

Kevin Walton


Kevin Walton is an international Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Advisor, Relationship Advisor, Activational Speaker, and Mindset Coach.  His adept wisdom, heart-led communication, dynamic expression, uncompromising guidance, and incredible ability to hold space through all forms of process and breakthrough has made him a premiere presence and figure in the field of spirituality, mindfulness, self-development, and greater human potential.  He is deeply driven by a sense of greater purpose to witness humanity evolve into a more maturely developed expression of itself through love and divine wisdom.

Darren Silver


Darren Silver, MA, is a rite of passage guide, Nature-Connected Coach, ceremonialist, and innovative educator. He has over a decade of experience working with ritual, wilderness living skills, and guiding transformational experiences residentially and internationally. A gifted storyteller and apprentice to the old myths, Darren weaves the power of the natural world, vision, and community in devotion to the remembrance of regenerative culture. 

Pasha Ocean Ersan


Shems Heartwell


Shems Heartwell is a relationship guide and Men’s work facilitator who specializes in personal, relational, and collective empowerment. His work goes to the core of what is needed for embodied transformation by working with and integrating the physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual as the tapestry for our evolution.

He has mentored with some of the most influential teachers in the fields of conscious relationship, coaching, leadership, healing, and transformation. He blends his 20 years of experience and knowledge into highly effective work that is the leading edge of the human potential movement.


Fabian Rodriguez

Known throughout southern California for his powerful sound journeys, Fabian is also a father, artist, world traveler, lifestyle coach, shamanic practitioner and founder of Realization Nation. As a carefree spirit, he has carved a unique way of journeying through his human experience while having fun and sharing his light with all.

Marco Muhlbach

Marco is a finely attuned reiki master with over six years of study and practice. It is his personal mission to share the practice of reiki that saved him from the weight of a crushing depression that threatened to engulf him early in his college years. He is a man of service, traveling to work with one on one with clients, facilitating sound healing/workshops at gatherings, and organizing reiki classes to further share the medicine. With a blend of ancient and modern wisdom, he arms both brother and sister with practices that bring wellness to the body, peace to the mind and a tangible connection to soul. When not in service to others, he remains in service to his spirit and it’s most embodied expression which take the form of creative writing, producing music, deep meditation, breath work, practicing yoga, training martial arts, and blissful dance.


Kareem Manuel

Kareem Manuel is a spiritual realist, Entrepreneur, Father, and self-love enthusiast. Kareem’s mission and goal in life is simple, to help humanity embrace and love their individuality. To bring that love and passion to the collective, to the We. As a former evangelical pastor to an open self-love practitioner Kareem knows that beauty is in the journey not in the answer.

 ‘I don’t call myself a healer. I help people remove the obstacles that are blocking themselves from loving and sharing themselves”. Whether it's through plants, music, dancing around the fire, or deep emotional shares Kareem brings his love to spark the love we all have within ourselves.

Andrew Huvaere

Andrew is a devoted student and respected teacher of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. He is based out of Phoenix, Arizona where he offers weekly yoga classes, sound medicine journey’s, men’s circles, specialized workshops, transformational coaching and Thai body work sessions.⁣

He initiated his yogic journey in 2013 after experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. Since that day, Andrew has embodied deeper levels of transformation and is steadfastly devoted to the path of self-mastery. Through his disciplined practice he has overcome many self-destructive habits to rise anew like a phoenix from the ashes of his former self. ⁣

Andrew’s goal as a teacher is to support the student in connecting more deeply to their own teacher within. The ancient knowledge he shares is rooted deeply in the energetic nature of our world. It's from this rich philosophical foundation that he delivers kriyas, pranayams and meditations to ensure the greatest transformation possible.⁣

Bennett Wallace

Bennett is a writer, singer, musician, meditator, and student of somatic psychology. He’s a strong voice for the LGBTQ community and helps to support people of all kinds in reclaiming their voice through the power of song and storytelling.  

Brett Fleisher

Brett continues to travel many paths; as an actor, writer, musician, filmmaker, youth educator, reiki practitioner and trauma specialist. After many years of feeling out of balance in body and mind, Brett discovered the power of somatic release and began to study the nervous system as well as heal through old traumas that were causing him major pain and discomfort.  

His mission is two fold; to inspire others to share vulnerably through full ownership of self expression as well as aid people in processing traumatic imprints so that they can re-enter into their natural state of love, relaxation and social engagement. 

Brett is stoked to be bringing his workshops on Somatic Awakening and The Temple of The Yummy Heart to this year's convergence where he will be serving tea and holding space for each man to drop in deeper, relax, regenerate, and connect.  


MiKaiEl began his journey of Self Realization at the ripe age of 4 years old where he archetypally began the sojourn of Seeking Truth. Disillusioned by his given birth name, and ridiculed for it's uniqueness by his peers, intuitively MiKaiEl knew his name was beyond that which was apparent, and began the life-long pursuit of identity.

Saturated in hundreds of hours of Prayer, Angelic Embodiment, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Mantra, Pranayama, Light & Shadow Work, present day MiKaiEl teaches various forms of eclectic Spirituality, relying on his lifelong study and practice of complimentary (and contrary) traditions to weave together transformational journeys of higher consciousness using proven techniques of high vibratory recalibration in his workshops, guided meditations, yogic offerings, retreats, and as an event host.

Anton Mackey

Join Anton as he guides you through a meditation of intuitive movement. Shake, sway, and dance your way into ecstatic states.

Release stuck emotions and trauma. Flush the lymphatic system. Release fascia. Increase blood flow to muscles & organs. Remove blocked energy. Dissolve tension & stress. Connect to natural rhythms of the body.

Christian Dyson

Christian is an activist for the human soul.  He devotes his time to learning and integrating different practices to help optimize human performance.  He shares in that knowledge in his own holistic approach to health and wellness, recognizing the connection of spirit to the axis of the mind and body.  His work is carefully crafted with the intention of helping others lay foundations towards deep integration of the mind, body, and soul.

Rob Starbuck

is a breathwork guide and artist based in Santa Barbara, California, Earth. Rob brings a unique and powerful energy to creating transformative breathwork journeys in locations around the world. His intention in every experience he creates is to support other's inner exploration and fullest expression of themselves. 

Nathan Kohlerman

Nathan is the founder of NeuIntention Health & Wellness and he is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Transformational Guide & Spiritual Counselor. He has coached, facilitated, and trained professional athletes from the NFL & PGA, soldiers in the US Army, men’s groups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, motivational speakers, and other elite coaches on how to overcome mental, emotional, and physical blocks - incorporating methods and modalities such as Animal Flow, breathwork, Gateway Heart Healing, in-depth channeling, neurolinguistics programming, and quantum healing to help others heal the roots of their wounds and transmute their pain into purpose

Adam Roa

Adam Roa is an entrepreneur and a 7-figure coach who has worked with high-performing clients such as actors, medical professionals, and CEOs. He has been featured by Goalcast as one of the “Top 33 Gamechangers To Watch” alongside Michelle Obama, Lebron James, and Elon Musk, and his spoken word poem “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For” has been viewed over 200 million times. Adam is also the host of “The Deep Dive with Adam Roa”, a podcast that has been listed by Business Insider as one of the top 21 podcasts to expand your mind in 2021. Adam embodies everything he teaches -his art has transformed the lives of millions as a highly-sought International Speaker and artist who has spoken and performed at countless events around the world, including Oslo Freedom Forum, MindValley A-Fest, and Envision Festival.

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