Brothers, it’s time to return to the land, to brotherhood, and to our hearts. For the last five years Sacred Sons has impacted the lives of thousands of men around the world. And this fall we are CALLING YOU ALL IN!



Convergence 8: Sun Session

Los Angeles, CA // October 5-8


2 Monthly Payments

Includes 1 bunk bed spot in shared room & meals Thursday-Sunday + Free Shuttle from/to LAX 



Save $99

Includes 1 bunk bed spot in shared room & meals Thursday-Sunday + Free Shuttle from/to LAX 



Only 30 Available

Includes 1 single bed spot in shared room & meals Thursday-Sunday  + Free Shuttle from/to LAX 



Only 80 Parking Passes Available. If you plan on driving and parking on-site, you must purchase a parking pass.

Parking Pass is an add-on and does not include C8 experience and meals. Even if you plan on sleeping in your car, you must register for the event.

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Convergence 8: Moon Session

Edinburgh, Scotland // September 14-17


2 Monthly Payments

Includes 1 camping spot & meals Thursday-Sunday. Participants must bring own camping gear.



Save €99

Includes 1 camping spot & meals Thursday-Sunday. Participants must bring own camping gear.



Only 5 Available

Includes 1 private room & meals Thursday-Sunday


*All ticket sales are final. Your ticket can be moved to any future scheduled event or a rescheduled Convergence should the event need to be canceled due to any "acts of god".

Men's Councils

For thousands of years, men have circled up in council for various intentions. We use council as a vehicle for orienting to the environment as well as witnessing others.

Ritual Combat

This is the time to embrace your warrior archetype and sharpen yourself with the presence of other men. We create a safe container for a healthy expression of physical combat.

Sound Healing and Celebration

Using the medicine of music, we will have spaces for ceremonial sound healing to remove energetic blockages. We will also have space for celebratory dancing and musical exploration.

Physical Practices

Our Physical Pillar session will allow men to reclaim their relationship and approach to collaborative physical experiences through primal movement, dance, and wrestling.

Pillar Workshops

There will be Pillar Workshop sessions that provide the space for personal breakthrough and integration. These include our Physical Pillar, Cognitive Pillar, Relational Pillar, and Mythical Pillar.

Ritual Connection

By creating the space for the unseen to be seen each man will get the opportunity to claim and reclaim aspects of his human potential.

Edinburgh and Los Angeles Leader Team

Adam Jackson

Jason Mackenzie

Neil Christiansen

Kale Ka'alekahi

Andrew Huvaere

Bear Heart

Fabian Rodriguez

Hunter Toran

Vince 'Matoska' Chafin

Additional Los Angeles Leader Team

Anton Mackey

Kai Jones

Ivan Gonzalez

Manu Llaguno

Additional Edinburgh Leader Team

Pierre-Etienne Vannier

Los Angeles Pillar Sessions

Kevin Walton

Cognitive Pillar

Kale Ka'alekahi

Physical Pillar

Frequently Asked Questions

Convergence is for men who are interested in cultivating an anchor of embodiment in their lives through the connection and witness of other men and brothers. Convergence is designed as a "multi body" experience that offers physical, emotional, cognitive, and relational experiences.

We do all of our work in Teams of around 30 men led by Sacred Sons Leaders. It’s powerful! Convergence offers a diverse range of workshops and experiences designed to facilitate deep inner work and connection. From embodiment practices, group exercises, Pillar Talks, Ritual Connection and Ritual Combat, participants have the opportunity to explore different modalities and gain tools that can help them tap into their true potential and live more fulfilling lives.

Convergence 8 is a 72hr experience that begins on Thursday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon. 

Arrival for participants starts at 12p on Thursday. We encourage you to arrive as early as possible. Upon arrival you will be introduced your teams and campsite, with welcome ceremony happening at sunset. When making travel arrangements try your best to arrive as early as possible.

The experience ends on Sunday @ 1p.

One of the most significant reasons why a man should attend Sacred Sons Convergence is the exceptional sense of community and connection that permeates the event. Surrounded by like-minded individuals who are committed to their own growth, participants have the opportunity to form deep, meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME—you may have heard this before—it’s real. The power of these connections is truly transformative, as they create a safe and supportive space for vulnerability, healing, and personal breakthroughs.

Attending Sacred Sons Convergence is an incredible opportunity for any man seeking personal growth, connection, and a transformative experience. This gathering, known as the largest men's work event in the world, offers a unique and powerful environment where men can come together, share their journeys, and support each other in their quest for self-discovery and authentic living.

Free shuttle transport will be provided to all Sun Session and Moon Session participants from/to Airport from event location. More info will be shared in Welcome Email after registration.

For ride share and connection to other participants we have created a group on WhatsApp.

Parking Passes (Los Angeles ONLY) are required for anyone wanting to drive and park their car on site. We are limited to 80 parking passes and once they are sold out, we will not have room for any more cars.

We will provide dinner on Thursday, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. Coffee and tea will be served every morning.

Please bring any other snacks that you know you will need! We will be serving 2 meals a day.

Drugs/Alcohol/Substances are not permitted on site at Convergence 8.

Brotherhood is the medicine at all Sacred Sons experiences.

We capture photo & video on our weekends to help normalize healthy masculinity. We have a consent discussion with all participants on our weekends and honor any man's choice to not be photographed or filmed. 

Connect. Confront. Celebrate. 


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