We're calling in men from Europe to Join Us!

Our maiden voyage to Europe will commence this July as we disembark onto the shores of the old country and reunite in ceremony with brothers who are ready to join us in connection and embodied leadership. We are hosting three distinctive experiences for men from across Europe: Prime Leadership, Immersions, and Embodied Masculine Experience.

2022 Europe Tour Schedule

Below are the following experiences: Prime Leadership in Scotland (Soul'd Out), Local Immersions in European Cities, and our EMX: Embodied Masculine Experience in Portugal. Where relevant, all Immersions are bilingual, with both the local language and English.


Components of Each Experience

Ritual Confrontation

By creating the space for the unsaid to be heard and seen men will get the opportunity to claim and reclaim aspects of his human life force and potential.

Physical Embodiment

Our Physical Pillar session will allow men to reclaim their relationship and approach to collaborative physical experiences through primal movement, dance, and wrestling.

Mens Council

For thousands of years, men have circled up in council for various intentions. We use council as vehicle for orienting to the environment as well as witnessing others.

Ritual Celebration

Through celebrating ourselves we allow a  cognitive and somatic rewiring of the "why" through reconnection to our innate essence and developing a practice of purpose clarity.

Sacred Sons Europe Immersions: Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, London

The Sacred Sons Immersion is an invitation for potent connection and authentic relating with men in your local community over two days (6-8 hours). With confrontation as the barometer for growth, local leaders and facilitators will guide men to their edges through embodiment practices to awaken the integrated self within and shift internal perspectives of self and others. The Immersion is your local home for clarity and connection in healthy relationship to local men who support one another. Accommodations and food are not provided.

Prime Leadership in Scotland July 13-17th (Soul'd Out)

Join us for 5 days of connection, confrontation, and integration in the rolling hills of Scotland. This is an intimate experience, and designed for men who are ready to embody their purpose, within leadership. The experience will begin with the 5 day in-person and for those that choose will continue 10 weeks online with our Leadership Training program. This cohort will be closed to the 11 men who enroll for this experience.

Embodied Masculine Experience in Portugal August 18th-21st

The EMX is Sacred Sons' 50+ man 4 day initiatory experience built on 3 pillars: connection, confrontation, and celebration. It is for men who are interested in cultivating an anchor of embodiment in their lives through the connection and witness of other men. The EMX is designed as a "multi body" retreat that offers physical, emotional, cognitive, and relational experiences.

Leadership Team

Jason MacKenzie

Aubert Bastiat

Adam Jackson

Neil Christiansen

Kale Ka'alekahi

Andrew Huvaere

August 18 - 21, 2022 // EMX - Portugal

Community Host Andrew Huvaere


Algarve, Portugal

4 Days // August 18 - 21, 2022

Includes lodging & meals Thursday-Sunday

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Algarve, Portugal

4 Days // Aug 18 - 21, 2022

Includes lodging & meals Thursday-Sunday

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3 men per room

Algarve, Portugal

4 Days // August18 - 21 2022

Includes lodging & meals Thursday-Sunday

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Algarve, Portugal

4 Days // August18 - 21 2022

Includes lodging & meals Thursday-Sunday

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What Men Are Saying:



This is call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who they are.


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