Primal Presence with Bear Heart and La Forza Sagrada // November 8-12 // Northern California

Being able to tap into our utmost truth, letting go of past traumas, programming, labeling & societal norms that do not serve us any longer. Truly living with integrity no matter the cost. Remembering our inner roar, remembering our hidden innate wild calls. Learning how to live, move & be with nature in Tahoe National Forest.


La Forza Sagrada




Brothers, we are calling you home…

To a sacred living, breathing, feeling Experience that brings us to our edge to reveal what is holding us back from our truest essence.
To remember how to listen to the energies around us by stripping away all distractions.
If you feel ready to stop playing it safe and to step fully into self-leadership in the spirit of Unity, the time is now.
This experience is cultivated for Brothers who are ready to commit to leaving behind all masks, coming in full truth, and ready to go all in.
For 5 days, we will gather around the fire, learn from the elements and animal allies, embrace primitive skills and connect with the primal energy that brings us into perfect harmony with the environment around us,
Reminding us what it is to be Human.
Who are you when stripped of the titles, accolades, honors, and achievements of your human storyline?
What is it that you are truly made of?
Have you ever felt like you have more in the tank, but felt like something was holding you back from living in your fullest potential?
This is an invitation to join the circle and discover your own answers to these questions.
We come as humble students of the great mother, with deep reverence and respect, both in ceremony and in our daily life practice.
We come in the spirit of Freedom, Safety, and Truth.
Freedom for all expressions and sensations to be seen, felt, and heard fully.
Safety for All to be witnessed and supported fully in their process.
Our intention is to co-create a potent and palpable container for the most profound transformation and evolution possible, and we do this together, as a family.
It’s time to fully engage in life.
Let's get free.
Bear Heart
La Forza Sagrada


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4 Nights/ 5 Days of Spirit Revival. Profound Transformation. Wild Nature. Elemental Connection.


A ritual of remembering our belonging to ourselves and to our planet.

4 Nights/5 Days Immersion


Your guides through this journey are representatives of La Forza Sagrada, The Sacred Force, and thus conduct themselves always in a way that aligns with the core values of Love, Freedom, Safety, and Truth. These sacred spaces are curated with utmost intention and precision possible so that the ultimate sense of group flow and personal deepening can be achieved so that everyone can feel safe and free enough to express their truth and love, however, they see fit.

Primitive Skills

The main precept of our mission is to bring as many people back to the fire as possible to awaken a remembrance of the old ways. Creating a deeper bond with this element is a center point in these experiences. We will make fire with our hands, discuss primitive shelter building, and spend our days completely exposed to the natural world.

Elemental And Animal Allies

Revive your spirit as we learn from Sacred Elemental and Animal Teachers. Embracing the teachings of the eagle, flow with the medicine of the river, tend to our fire and ground with the spirit of the bear.

Kambo Cleansing

Kambo is a powerful physical detoxification and energetic cleansing that provides participants the opportunity to release old baggage, set new intentions for their being, and experience full unadulterated presence. The ceremonial experience of Kambo will act as our primary energetic cleansing for deeper work with medicine.

Sacred Force Activation & Fasting

 You are The Sacred Force, The Sacred Force is you. When we harmonize back into alignment with the Wild and tune back into the natural elements and rhythms, what arises organically is a deeper understanding of Self outside the construct of the modern world. This is a pattern interrupting experience. Through deep nature immersion and fasting from food we strip away normal routines and empty our vessels to listen and attune to what is present. Here lies the opportunity for more interconnectedness and sovereignty within an ecosystem. Through honoring our interconnectedness and simultaneously reclaiming our individual sovereignty, we can step into being the sacred protector of that sovereignty. This is the Sacred Force Activation. We are coming. For Freedom, Safety, and Truth. With Love, we are coming.


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The Guides

Bear Heart

Jordan Trujillo

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Spirit Revival

Profound Transformation

The Opportunity to Experience Your Full Essence

Deep Shamanic Meditation

Primitive and Wilderness Skills


Strengthen Your Soul

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for men who are fully ready to engage in all of themselves and all of life.  Your readiness will be tested. 

In remembering to commune with nature many skills will be re-engaged, regardless of your level of camping or backpacking experience.  Most individuals that are called to this experience have spent time communing with nature and have developed a deeper relationship with nature as a place of connection, clarity, inspiration & grounding.  This is an opportunity to 

Pre-existing health issues are taken on a case-by-case basis.  In general, participants should be in good health condition, able to walk a couple miles over uneven ground carrying their gear, and able to fast from food. 

Upon registration you will receive a gear list.  

We will provide pick up the morning of the first day at the Reno International Airport and downtown Reno.

In short, yes.  Whether you have never fasted before or have fasted many times, we suggest preparing your body and mind for this experience.   Spending a day and a night fasting from food you can begin to become familiar with the feeling of fasting.  This is also a good practice for those who have experienced fasting before- each experience fasting can be different. 

This is a powerful tool used to clear, recalibrate, strengthen, and bring clarity AND your sovereignty and choice to participate is honored.

It's Time


This is call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who they are.


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