We're Calling You into Leadership in 2023

Prime Leadership is our premier offering for men who are ready to accelerate their leadership in all forms with the core of Sacred Sons' leadership. This training is for men who know they are ready to lead from a place of embodiment and action, not performance. The frameworks of this training are our 7 Pillars of Embodiment whose intention is to provide grounded clarity for every man to step into their purpose. From this experience men have a powerful opportunity to leave feeling anchored in their purpose and connected to men that will support their future growth with love and accountability. This is the only gathering of Sacred Sons where men are guided by the founders and leaders of Sacred Sons.

August 3rd-6th In-Person + Online Hybrid

Join us for 4 days of connection, confrontation, and integration at a private, estate on 175 acres in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. This is an intimate experience, and designed for men who are ready to embody their purpose, within leadership alongside co-founders and Sacred Sons core leadership. The experience will begin with the 4 day in-person and for those that choose will continue 10 weeks online with our Leadership Training. Leadership Training will follow the in person experience and be a closed container led by the core leadership team of Sacred Sons.

In-Person Components

August 3rd-6th, Plains, PA || Pocono Mountains

Ritual Confrontation

By creating the space for the unsaid to be heard and seen men will get the opportunity to claim and reclaim aspects of his human life force and potential.

Physical Embodiment

Our Physical Pillar session will allow men to reclaim their relationship and approach to collaborative physical experiences through primal movement, dance, and wrestling.

Ritual Celebration

Through celebrating ourselves we allow a  cognitive and somatic rewiring of the "why" through reconnection to our innate essence and developing a practice of purpose clarity.

Relational Alchemy

By creating the space for the unsaid to be heard and the unseen to be seen men, will get the opportunity to claim and reclaim aspects of his human life force and potential through the source of brotherhood.

Pocono Mountains

Plains, PA

August 3rd-6th

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Online Training Components

Relational Inner Work

The core of leadership training is comprised of relational inner-work. We pivot from internal work focused on self to internal work focused on the external. Reconnection to authentic self and masculine archetypes is the pathway for this. This training will require students to have some degree of inner-work experience with Sacred Sons.


We will have lecture sessions that explore deep concepts, structures, and best practices for running men's councils. The lecture sessions will use Sacred Sons council methodologies that are present in all of our circles and gatherings.


The bulk experience of this training will be live online practice. Each man will get the chance to run council on the training with full feedback from the the facilitator panel. Men will have the opportunity to bring forth their unique presence from the frameworks of Sacred Sons council methodologies.

4 Days of Connection. Confrontation. Awareness.


August 3rd-6th, 2023 // Plains, PA

Prime Leadership


4 Monthly Payments

Pocono Mountains - Plains, PA

4 Days // August 3rd-6th, 2023

Includes lodging & meals Thursday-Sunday

Includes 10 Week LT1 Online

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Prime Leadership


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Pocono Mountains - Plains, PA

4 Days // August 3rd-6th, 2023

Includes lodging & meals Thursday-Sunday

Includes 10 Week LT1 Online

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Leadership Team

Jason MacKenzie

Aubert Bastiat

Adam Jackson

Neil Christiansen

Kale Ka'alekahi

Kareem Manuel

Andrew Huvaere



This is call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who they are.


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