Next Session: March 2021 // Maui, HI

Space limited to 10 men

Alchemical Experiences:

Nature Connection

By creating the space for the unseen to be seen each man will get the opportunity to claim and reclaim aspects of his human potential in an undisturbed wild setting.

Collective Embodiment

We will experience each day not from a retreat approach, but from an integrated collective way of living. We will share, move, eat, cook, and council with intentional emergence. 

Men's Council

For thousands of years, men have circled up in council for various intentions. We use council as vehicle for orienting to the environment as well as witnessing others.


Our Physical Pillar session will allow men to reclaim their relationship and approach to collaborative physical experiences through primal movement, dance, and wrestling.

Emergent Maui Adventures

As we create a container open to emergent experiences we will likely find ourselves swimming in waterfalls, snorkeling, jungle hikes, and many other potentials.

5 Days of Connection. Confrontation. Integration.


Prime is designed for men who are calling in...

Embodied Purpose

Deeper Community

Challenge From Other Men

Inner Wildness

Deeper Health & Vitality

Regenerative Lifestyle

Meaningful Intimate Relationships


We'd love to chat with you about to see if the offerings on PRIME are aligned with you.



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