A Rites of Passage Weekend for Boys 12-15 of Age


June 12th-16th, 2019 // Lost Valley Education Center, OR

Weekend Features:

Healthy Communication

A Place for Questions

Healthy Expressions of Emotions

Unstructured Play

Conflict Engagement - Response vs Reaction

Community & Autonomy

Decision Making

Modeling Vulnerability

Myth, Ritual, & Art

Knowing Purpose in the World

Awareness of Power, Privilege, & Whiteness

Understanding Self-Care

5 Days of Witnessing. Understanding. Modeling. 


Meet the Guide and Mentors:

Darren Silver

Darren Silver, MA, is a rite of passage guide, Nature-Connected Coach, ceremonialist, and innovative educator. Holds a Master’s degree in the Mythology of Initiation from Prescott College.  With over a decade of experience working with ritual, wilderness living skills, and guiding transformational experiences residentially and internationally, Darren brings a variety of skills to working with youth and adults.  He has worked in the fields of wilderness therapy, guided gap-years, and vision quests.  A gifted storyteller and apprentice to the old myths, Darren weaves the power of the natural world, vision, and community in devotion to the remembrance of regenerative culture. 

Jason Mack

Jason Mack is an initiator of men, student of the unknown, and co-founder of Sacred Sons. He has spent thousands of hours facilitating containers of growth, purpose and harmony for the individual and collective evolution of masculinity. He is continuing on a legacy of this work that his been passed on by his mentors. Jason's path has been created by a dedication to serving life and is painted by a willingness to humbly grow.

Devin Fredericksen

Devin Fredericksen is  a men’s empowerment coach, regenerative permaculture farmer, and steward of Mother Earth. After receiving his BS in Environmental Science from Humboldt State University, he began to explore the realms and wisdom of indigenous culture from around the world. Calling upon a decade of study and facilitation around masculine and feminine embodiment, Devin guides groups from his heart-centered Earth connection. He also established a nature-based learning program back at his middle & high school on Maui, teaching 7th and 8th  graders about regenerative agriculture with the focus of remembering their place IN Nature. Devin is on a mission to regenerate community and leave a thriving legacy for the future.

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Chat With The Guides

Schedule a call with us to get a deeper understanding of who we are, what we are offering, and if this program is aligned for your son.

What Youth Will Learn:

Understanding of Power & Responsibility

Clarity with Primary Relationships

Tools to Engage with Emotion

Skills for Nature Connection

Friends & Mentors

Understanding of Relationships & Intimacy

What Parents Will Learn:

How to Honor Major Life Transitions

Healthy Boundaries

Ways to Support Child's Unfolding Indentity

Skills to Honor Individuation

Intergenerational Community

Communication Tools for Boyhood to Adulthood

What Rites of Passage Is

To initiate the younger generations into their own sense of self in relationship with the greater world is the responsibility of the community to ensure the youth are wrapped in a stitched cloak of remembrance that blesses them beyond any doubt that they’re here for a worthy and noble life.

Traditionally, rites of passage took place at any major transition in life.  Rites of passage involved a period of time spent learning, cultivating skills, awareness, and capacities that prepared people to have more refined roles in society. They involve learning from mentors who readily deepen natural openings in those going through the transitions. Skillfully attending to natural openings or creating openings at appropriate developmental times frees, deepens, awakens, and strengthens latent capacities. And, on the other side of these periods of expanding identity, there is ceremonial acknowledgement of the expanded identity and the new roles.  In essence, rites of passage was marked by ritual, introduction to previously unknown knowledge, and the presence of community.  The most important rite of passage was from adolescents to adulthood, or in our case, childhood to adolescents. 

In the absence of such initiations youth are left to find out for themselves their greater questions of a meaningful and focused life.  The desire for relationship with the world and others can, if not held in directed and ceremonial fashion, lead to searching in unhealthy places. 

The pull towards answering questions of their true purpose is often not met, as the societal conditions placed onto youth to be a certain way do not carry the knowledge of belonging, nature-connection, or as the myths often tell us, a meeting with the genius inside.  Rites of passage is the time when the clearest opportunity exists to meet our genius and recognize the genius in others. 

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This is call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who they are.


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