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What The Membership Includes:

Monthly Master Calls

Each month we'll have live a full drop in with the men in the community. Men will have the opportunity to share and witness others sharing.

Break Out Groups

Each master call will have break out groups with a Sacred Sons facilitator giving you the opportunity to share deeper in a smaller group.


Breathwork sessions will be a foundational piece of this offering as it is focused on giving us the opportunity to embody our deeper truths so that we have the capacity to be present for relating and learning.

1:1 Orientation Call

We'll schedule an orientation call when you join so we can witness where you are and what you are looking for out of this community. All men are welcome!

Sacred Sons T-Shirt

We really love wearing our t-shirts and want you to have the same experience!

Being witnessed is the antidote.





Monthly Group Master Calls Featuring:

- Live Council

- Group Shares

- Breakout Groups

- 1:1 Orientation Call

- Sacred Sons T-Shirt!


"The level of understanding myself has significantly transcended previous boundaries. I’m always super skeptical about this stuff. I’ve already talked about my problems so many times. Like, what is archetypes actually going to do for me? And then I do it, and I’ve learned to understand myself through different lenses. Man was I wrong. I feel so much more connected to myself. "

Transformation For Sure!
Omeed Tabiei

"When I think about the Embodied Masculine Course, I feel connected to a deep brotherhood and empowered in my own growth towards being a more integrated and enlivened masculine presence in the world. I had doubts about doing something like this over the internet, but it proved to be incredibly effective. Zoom is a powerful and multifunctional platform for this type of group work, and the facilitators used it well for guided breath-work, breakout sessions, and group checkins. I came out of this experience knowing that there is a strong lifelong bond between each one of us who showed up for these sessions, and I'd recommend it to any man."

Deep Brotherhood
Elias Serras

"My life has changed so much in the last few months. I have been able to understand and begin to really heal the trauma in my life that was preventing me from stepping into my highest expression. I have been able to share things with this group that I have never shared with anyone. I have been supported by this brotherhood in a way that is totally new for me. I am more of myself than I was when I started this course. Before I signed up for the EMC course- i didn't know what it meant to be a man. I knew what being a man wasn't- I had many examples in my life of men that I didn't want to be like, but not nearly enough examples of men that I was inspired by. The EMC course not only gave me the framework to understand what healthy, embodied masculinity looks like in theory, but also has shown me what embodied masculinity looks like in practice."

Deep Healing
Bennett Gwizdalski

"The EMC has provided me with a sound framework to guide my inner work as well as connection with myself and other amazing individuals who I came to admire over the course of time. It has showed me that the sense of inadequacy I felt for most of my life is not something odd, it is actually a sign of new times in which great transformations are occuring. It has showed me that we are free to create our own definition based on models of our choice. I have become more aligned with my inner truth and have gathered the courage to start my own business."

Deeper Connection
Angelo Piscitelli

"The EMC has provide me with brotherhood. It helped me see how and why I had been struggling to find purpose and direction in my life. The impact the EMC has had on my relationships are huge. I am able to hold strong boundaries with my partner and others. I am able to show up more fully and be dependable. I am more committed to myself and to those I am accountable to."

Kenneth Rosaasen

"The EMC helped me explore my emotions on a deeper level. It allowed me to redefine the tough guy/alpha male role of masculinity and shown me true healing and liberation comes through embracing my emotions. New found confidence in using my voice. I have a better understanding and clarity about my defects, I am embracing a sense of peace with all parts of me. "

Deeper Acceptance
Chris Gruden

Meet the Facilitators

Kevin Walton

Kevin Walton is an international Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Advisor, Relationship Advisor, Activational Speaker, and Mindset Coach.  His adept wisdom, heart-led communication, dynamic expression, uncompromising guidance, and incredible ability to hold space through all forms of process and breakthrough has made him a premiere presence and figure in the field of spirituality, mindfulness, self-development, and greater human potential.  He is deeply driven by a sense of greater purpose to witness humanity evolve into a more maturely developed expression of itself through love and divine wisdom.

Kevin Orosz

Kevin is a (r)Evolutionary Coach, Freestyle MC, and Yoga Teacher.  After forgoing a PhD in Psychology, he quit corporate America and backpacked through Thailand, India, and Nepal on a quest to understand Eastern & Western mysticism as it related to his personal myth.  Kevin is a student of modern psychology and ancient philosophy, utilizing the yogic science of mind and a "weaponized" intuition with his clients to facilitate transformation. He lives in Encinitas, California when he is not traveling facilitating retreats, workshops, and MCing international events.

Brett Fleisher

A life long pursuer of the expressive arts and authentic expression, Brett has traveled down many paths, as an actor, writer, musician, filmmaker, youth educator, and healer. After many years of feeling out of balance in body and mind, Brett discovered the power of somatic release and began to heal through old traumas that were causing him major pain and discomfort.  He studied at the Somatic Institute in Los Angeles and is now a practitioner and educator of Somatic Release Therapy, owning his own practice called The Yummy Heart. Brett is honored to bring his knowledge, heart and playfulness to Sacred Sons and is deeply grateful to be in the presence of such integral and caring men.

Trevor Spring

For Trevor the body, breath and relationships can be powerful allies to the ultimate: Deep Self Honesty. Primarily these three because they have been most poignant for him.
Trevor came into the world extremely premature and first found a sense of power and body connection through wrestling. A men’s coach, facilitator, the creator of Wild & Wise an archetypally-based embodied Men’s workshop, the Director for Boys to Men Mentoring Oahu, a CHEK holistic movement and lifestyle coach, Russian kettlebell instructor, father, surfer, musician and nature enthusiast, Trevor has ridden many waves to stand where he is now.

Marco Muhlbach

Marco is a finely attuned reiki master with over six years of study and practice. It is his personal mission to share the practice of reiki that saved him from the weight of a crushing depression that threatened to engulf him early in his college years. He is a man of service, traveling to work with one on one with clients, facilitating sound healing/workshops at gatherings, and organizing reiki classes to further share the medicine. With a blend of ancient and modern wisdom, he arms both brother and sister with practices that bring wellness to the body, peace to the mind and a tangible connection to soul. When not in service to others, he remains in service to his spirit and it’s most embodied expression which take the form of creative writing, producing music, deep meditation, breath work, practicing yoga, training martial arts, and blissful dance.

Devin Fredericksen

Devin Fredericksen has devoted his life to helping people reconnect to themselves, each other, and Mother Earth. Devin travels the world as a mentor supporting the divine masculine in all of us, in hopes that it may reunite the global brotherhood. He specializes in sacred connection and conscious sexuality, permaculture, and is also an ecstatic chef and regenerative farmer. By weaving these elements together, Devin believes this will truly create the opportunity to live in harmonious relationship with ourselves. The remembering that we are all stewards of our beautiful Earth Mother is essential for a thriving future.

The Sacred Sons

Connecting. Creating. Intending. Organizing. Holding. Inviting.

It's Time.


This is call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who they are.


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