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The Brothership Features:

6-8 Councils/Workshops per Week

Experience online councils and workshops led by a Sacred Sons trained faciltator as well as weekly master classes led by Pillar Facilitators. This type of membership offering currently exists nowhere else, and we are honored to be able to provide such a realistic format of global digital connection of men!

Private Online Community Group

The brothership is built on a personalized application that engages men to converse and connect daily in support of one another. The platform builds accountability practices through providing men the opportunity to reach out, share, connect, and message one another.

Masculine Alchemy Training

An ever growing community of men committed to becoming the best versions of themselves. This platform is the training grounds for men to stay active at home through movement, breath-work, and activation conversations about empowerment, abundance, and self growth. 

Access to Masculine Alchemy Archives

This video, audio, and written content is foundational education and knowledge of masculine embodiment and alchemy. You will have access to ALL content and modules that will be continuously updated. 

Early Access To Retreats

We will announce registration to all our events to The Brothership group before announcing to the public!



Offerings Included

Relationship Council / Jason MacKenzie

Join in on the council to witness some similar experiences as well as to learn some new ways of embodying presence. It’s time for us to confront what’s working and what isn’t so we can continue to grow in committed relationships.

Primal Reset / Pasha Ershan

Primal Reset is a class designed to address the different reflexes and postures that the body may be stuck in, providing a framework for neutrality to help achieve symbiosis in the fascia and muscles.

Communicating Intimacy / Tiffany Janay

Explore the depths of relating in a more clear way with your sexual energy. Weave in between cultivating foundational communication skills, enhancing emotional maturity, and actual intimacy techniques to bring more pleasure into your love life.  Deep levels of pleasure are activated when leadership and a secure container is created. 

Conscious Creatorhood / Kevin Walton

This is the space to dive deep with our Cognitive Pillar leader uncover secrets to the structure of existence. Realize the truth about how the Law of Attraction actually works.

Integration Council

This space is for brothers to connect, collaborate, grow and support each other through vulnerable shares, shared wisdom and holding space.

Power of Prayer / Edward Durell

This class offers a powerful framework for identifying, releasing, and rewriting beliefs so that new, expansive narratives may manifest in your life.  

Fail School / Kareem Manuel

Failure is a NECESSARY TOOL and ACTIVITY for Growth and SUCCESS. This council on learning from our selves in life, relationships, and business.

Cultivating Chi / Adam Bear

The focus of this session is on structural alignment, breathwork and energy circulation to strengthen the internal organs, condition tendons and increase bone density.

GBTQ and Ally Council / Wil and Jesus

Join us for healing, deep connection and community building. Dive deeper into queer spirituality and what that means to you; masculinity and gender expression; combating shame and stepping into more power; and more. 


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per month

The Network includes:

  • Access to daily live group facilitated classes
  • Access to the private Sacred Sons social network app 
  •  Access to The Masculine Alchemy Archives ($1,199 value)
  • Early access to Sacred Sons retreats & trainings


billed annually

The Network includes:

  • Access to daily live group facilitated classes
  • Access to the private Sacred Sons social network app 
  •  Access to The Masculine Alchemy Archives ($1,199 value)
  • Early access to Sacred Sons retreats & trainings


Full Scholarship

FAM provides men of the BIPOC community and those with financial hardships the opportunity to be embraced in brotherhood through scholarships.



Daily. Video. Councils.


What Men Are Experiencing...


"Sacred Sons helped me explore my emotions on a deeper level. It allowed me to redefine the tough guy/alpha male role of masculinity and shown me true healing and liberation comes through embracing my emotions. New found confidence in using my voice. I have a better understanding and clarity about my defects, I am embracing a sense of peace with all parts of me. "

Deeper Understanding
Chris Gruden

"My life has changed so much in the last few months. I have been able to understand and begin to really heal the trauma in my life that was preventing me from stepping into my highest expression. I have been able to share things with this group that I have never shared with anyone. I have been supported by this brotherhood in a way that is totally new for me. I am more of myself than I was when I started this course. Before I signed up for the this work I didn't know what it meant to be a man. I knew what being a man wasn't--I had many examples in my life of men that I didn't want to be like, but not nearly enough examples of men that I was inspired by. Sacred Sons not only gave me the framework to understand what healthy, embodied masculinity looks like in theory, but also has shown me what embodied masculinity looks like in practice."

Life Transformation
Bennett Gwizdalski

"It has shown me where where my masculinity was deflated and inflated. Plus the ability to step up in places I feel what a true masculine man is--one who's deep, one who protects, one to explore the physical and emotional bodies more, and one who feels the power comes directly from the heart. It's provided me a deeper, richer awareness of myself that I had shoved away and hid from, a profound look into my consciousness and my purpose, the ability to speak up, share my truth, and not be on the sidelines...watching, and a new outlook on what connection is with my partner, and brothers."

Deeper Awareness
Jetter Green

"This work has provided me with a sound framework to guide my inner work as well as connection with myself and other amazing individuals who I came to admire over the course of time. It has showed me that the sense of inadequacy I felt for most of my life is not something odd, it is actually a sign of new times in which great transformations are occurring. It has showed me that we are free to create our own definition based on models of our choice. I have become more aligned with my inner truth and have gathered the courage to start my own business."

Deeper Connection
Angelo Piscitelli

"The level of understanding myself has significantly transcended previous boundaries. I’m always super skeptical about this stuff. I’ve already talked about my problems so many times. Like, what is archetypes actually going to do for me? And then I do it, and I’ve learned to understand myself through different lenses. Man was I wrong. I feel so much more connected to myself. "

Transformation For Sure!
Omeed Tabiei

"When I think about this work, I feel connected to a deep brotherhood and empowered in my own growth towards being a more integrated and enlivened masculine presence in the world. I had doubts about doing something like this over the internet, but it proved to be incredibly effective. Zoom is a powerful and multifunctional platform for this type of group work, and the facilitators used it well for guided breath-work, breakout sessions, and group checkins. I came out of this experience knowing that there is a strong lifelong bond between each one of us who showed up for these sessions, and I'd recommend it to any man."

Deep Brotherhood
Elias Serras

"Sacred Son has provided me with brotherhood. It helped me see how and why I had been struggling to find purpose and direction in my life. The impact this work has had on my relationships are huge. I am able to hold strong boundaries with my partner and others. I am able to show up more fully and be dependable. I am more committed to myself and to those I am accountable to."

Deeper Brotherhood
Kenneth Rosaasen


This is call to remembrance, for every brother who is hungry for life and unwilling to settle for less than becoming the fullness of who they are.


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Full Scholarships Available to ALL Black, Indigenous, Men of Color.