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Learn and embody key Pillars of Masculine Leadership.
Accelerated Leadership Training

4 Day Intensive + 10 Weeks Online

Feb 8-11th, 2024

Prime Leadership Angelus Oaks, CA

Angelus Oaks Lodge, SoCal

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“I have gotten so much information, knowledge & wisdom. Prime Leadership was the most impactful experience of my life!”
- Dustin Oren

"Prime Leadership was a springboard for me in a lot of ways. Transformative physically and also helped me navigating career changes with confidence."
- Nathaniel Haughton

"Eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with such empowered men, all stepping into leadership, for themselves , for their families, for their communities & for the world. "
- Joe Coyne

Prime Leadership Components:

Accelerated LT1 Path (3-6 MONTHS).
Leadership Training Level 1 is not just a course--it's the initial step for training to integrate life.
  • 10 Week Online Cohort run by a Sacred Sons Leader
  • 2x EMXs as Wolf Pack support
  • LT1 Mentorship Calls
  • Lifetime Access to LT1 Content
  • Prerequisite for LT2 (Support Facilitator Training)

LT1 Accelerated

Phase 1 - Inner Work

anchor in your embodied self
Phase 1 is a designed to put an anchor dow for self-embodiment and knowingness--a place to refer to as men evolve into deeper aspects of themselves. This phase is guided by our 7 Pillars of Embodiment and supported through continued connection within the cohort.

Phase 2 - Instruction

the time-tested frameworks
Phase 2 is where ALL questions about the men's work are welcomed. This is a time where we share what we've learned over the years and dive into the curiosities that come up for our trainees.

Phase 3 - Practice

Begin to implement
In Phase 3 men have the opportunity to run men's councils alongside of their brothers within the cohort and receive feedback from the cohort leader.

Which Training Is Right For You?

Who/What is Prime Leadership For?

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Life Integration

There is NO BETTER DESIGNED form of Integration than continued connection, honesty, and commitment that our LT1 program is framed on. Whether you are integrating a Sacred Sons event, medicine work, lifestyle change, partnership divorce/transition, or life purpose...WE GOT YOU.
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Community Leadership

LT1 is the starting point for many things, including becoming a community leader of men. The one who gathers the men for what's about to happen next. For what's coming down the road. The one who can lead others.
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For our future. We are beckoned to have embodied, trained, and skillful fathers loving fathers. So much of this training is focused on being a father--whether you have children or not. The return of the father archetype asks for all men to embody this quality,
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We have trained over 500+ men in becoming a "Men's Work" facilitator. We have the tools. We have the keys to train proficient facilitators. We have the bedrock of community for unlimited opportunity to learn alongside of men. Leader's of men, lead alongside of Leader's of men. No one leads or learns alone in this work.
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Video Content

Inspiring and innovative video content covering The 7 Pillars featuring the best footage from our gatherings.

Inner-Work Prompts

Prompts focused at bringing the unseen and the unspoken into awareness so that it can be molded and alchemized into purpose. 

Growth Challenges

Challenges that address the choice points so that concepts and desires can become reality and embodied.

Ritual & Practices

Designed to honor and slow down the process of growing, healing, and learning so that strength, consistency, and love flourish.
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Our Core Leaders

Our Prime Leadership Leader Team is the Core Leadership of Sacred Sons.

Adam Jackson


Jason MacKenzie


Kale Ka'alekahi


Neil Christiansen


Andrew Huvaere

SS Leader

Hunter Hawthorne Toran

SS Leader

Vince Matoska

SS Leader

OUr approach

Leadership Training Pillars

Pillar of embodiment





Inner Essence



Sacred Sons Co-Founders

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Chief Navigation Officer
Jason Mackenzie
Chief Visionary Officer
Adam Jackson
Chief Relations Officer
Neil Christiansen
Chief Cultural Officer
Kale Ka'alekahi