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Sacred Sons is a global organization that provides full spectrum trainings for men.

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Who We Are

We are Brothers, Fathers, Husbands, Uncles & Sons.
We are here to help men grow and awaken to their true power through circles, workshops, retreats, and online courses. We are Sacred Sons.

What We Do

Honest masculinity was never taught to us, so now it’s time. 
 Drawing upon ancient wisdom and modern technologies of human development, we utilize the power of ceremony, ritual, and intentional spaces to deepen into authentic brotherhood and catalyze growth in men.

Embodiment & Education

Through proven frameworks of engagement, we guide men to their growth edges so that men have the opportunity to learn about ourselves, our power, our purpose, our responsibility and our creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sacred Sons?

Sacred Sons is the leading edge of modern Men's Work with healthy, honest and embodied masculinity. Men confronting, challenging and deepening connection in areas of life such as relationships/divorce, life purpose, and/or physical embodiment.

Who Started Sacred Sons?

Sacred Sons is a unified council of men committed to co-create in leadership since Day 1. 
The spark to bring things forward was led by Sacred Sons co-founders Adam Jackson & Jason MacKenzie in 2018. Neil Christiansen & Kale Ka’alekahi became co-founders in 2020 and 2023, respectively.

What Is The Sacred Sons Foundation?

 Sacred Sons Foundation is our acknowledgement that the responsibility of the future is in our hands. The lives of our children will be fundamentally different based on our actions, and non-actions. The Foundation is our way of giving future generations an opportunity to live in true harmony with one another, spirit, and the land. Throughout the year Sacred Sons Foundation raises funds to provide full and partial scholarships for 1 in 5 men at every EMX, Immersion, and Convergence. The Foundation also provides scholarships to 50% of all youth that attend Sonz Youth, Sacred Sons youth program for young men ages 11 - 19.

How Does One Get Started with Sacred Sons?

There are many ways to be a part of Sacred Sons. The best way to join Sacred Sons is to attend an in person event. All of our events welcome first timers or those who have experienced this type of work before. Our EMXs, Immersions, Maui Mana’s & Convergences are all great first time events to join. If you can’t be with us in person we have online courses available. The Embodied Masculine Course and our Physical Pillar Course are both great online courses to learn the fundamentals of how we come together in brotherhood.

When Will There Be An Event In My Area?

 Please check our Calendar Page for all upcoming events! Sacred Sons is currently holding events across North America & Europe. Don’t see an event near you? Sign up for our email list to stay up to date on all events!

How is Sacred Sons different from other organizations who do men’s work or host man camps?

Sacred Sons is the leading edge of modern Men's Work. We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us and have walked alongside us. Sacred Sons is more than Men’s Work or a man camp, its Brotherhood. It’s a way of life. Men supporting men in embodying honest masculinity to be a force of love, strength, and unity. Diversity of men in all ways is at the core of who we are and why we established Sacred Sons Foundation. Sacred Sons focuses on participation for all individuals who attend. The physical pillar is also at the core or what we do. Coming back into our bodies and sharpening each other to become the best version of ourselves.


Unlimited Devotion.

Adam Jackson

Chief Vision Officer
Adam holds a vision for ushering brotherhood to the forefront of our community as a means for conscious healing. Fatherhood has set Adam on a heart-opening journey of conscious parenting, commitment and continual inner work. He is walking his spiritual path with the power of self-love and the intention to raise the collective consciousness of our human family.  

J. Mack

Chief Navigation Officer
J. Mack has been the navigator of all things Sacred Sons since co-founding in 2018. He laid the blueprints and standards for Leadership Trainings, Convergence, EMXs, and Immersions. Jason brings a passion for synthesis and excellence in the way that we offer and represent Sacred Sons experiences. He has had the honor and privilege to study and train with 1st wave mentors of the "Men's Work Movement", and is grateful to be a bridge of that lineage into the Masculine Alchemy of Sacred Sons. 

Neil Christiansen

Chief Relations Officer
Neil holds himself and all men closer to their loving essence through deepening their connection to presence and source. Neil is here to walk alongside his brothers in remembering the call of love and its teachings. A father to two divine daughters Neil lives is steadfast commitment to his family and the brotherhood as he tills the soil of future harvests in support of Sacred Sons

Kale Ka'alekahi

Chief Culture Officer
Kale Ka’alekahi is a Spiritual Activist and Cultural Innovator. He is a lineage carrier of Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation) Traditions. Kale is a practitioner of living system designs and martial arts. He is also a ceremonialist, indigenous dancer, musician and singer. 

Core Team

The Men Piecing It All Together.

Alessandro Nori

Community Director

Angelo Santiago

Systems Director

Bric Bain

Media Director

Joe Coyne

Outreach Coordinator

Ivan Gonzalez

THe TIp of the spear

Our Leaders

Collectively Unlimited. Individually Resourced.

Andrew Huvaere


Fabian Realizer


Kevin Walton


Bear Heart




Hunter Hawthorne Toran


Pierre-Etienne Vannier


Anton Mackey


Darren Silver


Kai Jones

The BEST in the field

Our Community Activators

Our Community Activators carry the torch to our growing 8+ world regional communities.

Alessandro Nori


Peter Bennett


Jack Villiers


Manu Llaguno


Ivan Gonzalez

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