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5 Days of

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Maui Mana


A return to the place of origin, the home within, born of the land. Join us for 5 days as we return to the home within through primal movement, sound, dance, and play on the sacred land of Maui.


The life force energy in all that exists, supernatural, divine power, spiritual power that animates all of life. Maui Mana is to be immersed in the life force energy of Maui, where we gather to enhance and cultivate our own spiritual power amongst the brotherhood to be the protectors and providers that our families/ communities are asking for.

5 Days of Elemental Immersion


Abundance Ceremony. Wild Nature/ Gift Making. Ritual Connection


Sweat Lodge. Ritual Combat. Fire Dancing


Body Language and Biomechanics. Waterfall and River immersion. Cacao and Kava Ceremony


Seed Sounds and Music. Voice Alchemy and Deep Listening. Drumming and Ecstatic Dance.

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Maaui MANA

The Team

Kale Ka'alekahi

Sacred Sons Co-Founder, Chief Cultural Officer, & Leader
Kale is a cultural innovator and spiritual activist. As an artist in Indigenous life ways he brings through the New Old Way, a deep study into spiritual ecology and Ancestral Genetics.

Kai Jones

Sacred Sons Co-Leader
Kai is a visionary & guide with a passion for bringing spiritual frameworks into practical reality. His love for song, ceremony, & connection are a reminder of how potency grows through simplicity.





Maui Mana





We are here to learn the way of the leaver, to step on the beautiful path, way finding on our journey through sacred masculinity. The Alchemy of the Elements, the original archetypes, have brought the catalyst for coevolution ever since, so now we are finding ourselves again as mere sparks on the Earth.
We are here to restore and re-story, the Ancient weaving is threading us into deeper connection to our origins. As the Future is informed by the Present, we must remember that before there was a king, warrior, magician, or lover, there IS earth, air, water and fire.
We are here to orient ourselves to the original instructions of Nature, the Mother code, to embody the truest form of human, to become adept and to adapt. How do we live the words that we speak? When do we show up for what has been calling us all this time? 
As the light grows stronger so too does the dark, so we embrace ourselves more fully in them both. The responsibility is to be vulnerably and honestly PRESENT, to reveal our inheritance. The Ancestral connection is the Medicine, as we embark a return to our Nature, that of Elemental Beings.
The Ancient Future is here and WE are the ones cultivating the New Old Way.
Maui Mana will provide a Map and Compass to help you reach new perspective in movement and life. We teach you how to become the mechanic of your own body. Timing together the physical, emotional, and mental back into the code of nature. Human movement and brain growth evolve in correlation to each other, the primary patterns that we evolved to do best are walking, running and throwing. We will show you how to have integrity in all of life's postures.
Kale Ka'alekahi
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need camping or backpacking experience to participate? 

Most individuals that are brought to the vision quest already have a relationship with nature as a place of connection, purity, and self-understanding. With that said, during the first 3 days while we are together, we prepare individuals not only with camping skills, but also teachings for deep nature connection. On many occasions, participates come with little camping experience, and leave with the skills and experience to feel confident camping in the wilderness. 

What equipment will I need? 

Upon registration, a detailed orientation packet will be sent to you. This packet includes a gear list, as well as other information to help you prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Can I participate if I have health issues? 

Preexisting health issues are taken on a case-by-case basis. In general, to participate in a quest one should be in good health condition, able to walk a few miles on a trail, and able to fast from food. 

Do I need to fast to participate? 

The short answer is, yes. On rare occasion, if there are preexisting health concerns there may be supplemental food given. If you have never fasted before, we suggest spending a day and a night fasting from food to begin to become familiar with the feeling of fasting.

Is there plant medicine used on Wild Rites? 

There is no plant medicine used on Wild Rites. With that said, spending 5 days in the wilderness, 1 of them on solo, is a profound opportunity to develop relationships with the vast and dynamic medicine the earth offers in many forms. 

What about traveling to the location? 

The location we have chosen is remote, yet fairly easy to access. By plane a flight can be taken to Denver, Colorado. From there a quick bus can be taken to Boulder, where you will be picked up.

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