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Our Immersions are the MOST accessible Sacred Sons experience.
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IMMERSION Components:

We designed our Immersions to be an Intro to our style of Men's Work without sacrificing quality or depth.
  • 2 Days In-Person
  • Daily Sessions
  • Accessible locations & times
  • Integration call included
  • Preparation for Continued Trainings
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Immersion Pillars

Ritual Confrontation

By creating the space for the unmet to be met each man will get the opportunity to claim and reclaim aspects of his human potential through multiple avenues of confrontation including physical and emotional.

Context of Purpose

Our Immersions focus on contextualizing the purpose of this work alongside of developing continued purpose work within the men who train with us. Purpose is our compass in between connection.

Local Connection

One of the missions with our Immersions is to gather men in local regions and communities so that this "work" becomes part of a life that is supported by brothers.

Men's Council

For thousands of years, men have circled up in council for various intentions. We use council as vehicle for orienting to the environment as well as witnessing others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Immersion for?

We designed our Immersion as a hybrid "Men's Weekend/Men's Circle" so that our standard can be accessed and experienced by many men. These Immersions are ideal for men who have yet to be with Sacred Sons in-person as well as men who have been with us before and are committed to building local community of honest men.

How are Immersions different from EMXs?

Our Immersions are two 5-7hr days that are held in metropolitan city areas. They are generally held on Saturday's and Sunday's and do not include any lodging or meal accommodations. Immersion locations are generally selected in areas that are centrally located and where food is in short distance. The experience components of the Immersion are based off of our EMX components, however the Immersion is abbreviated due to the amount of days, location, and size of group.

What happens on an Immersion?

Men get to the experience Sacred Son's style of "Men's Work" through confronting and connecting exercises throughout both days. Ritual Combat "boxing" does NOT happen on Immersions.

What are the days, times, location?

Immersion days are generally Saturday and Sunday.  Exact times and location are communicated in the Welcome email after registering for an Immersion. You should plan to take as much time before and after the Immersion sessions each day to be present to yourself and your life. We do not recommend "squeezing" it in.

When is the last day to register?

Registration closes 48 hours before the start of the Immersion or when sold out.

Will I be filmed or photographed?

We capture photo & video on our weekends to help normalize honest masculinity. We have a consent discussion with all participants on our weekends and honor any man's choice to not be photographed or filmed. 

Who/What is this For?

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Life Integration

There is NO BETTER DESIGNED form of Integration than continued connection, honesty, and commitment that our Leadership program is framed on. Whether you are integrating a Sacred Sons event, medicine work, lifestyle change, partnership divorce/transition, or life purpose...WE GOT YOU.
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Community Leadership

This is the starting point for many things, including becoming a community leader of men. The one who gathers the men for what's about to happen next. For what's coming down the road. The one who can lead others.
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For our future. We are beckoned to have embodied, trained, and skillful fathers loving fathers. So much of this training is focused on being a father--whether you have children or not. The return of the father archetype asks for all men to embody this quality,
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We have trained over 500+ men in becoming a "Men's Work" facilitator. We have the tools. We have the keys to train proficient facilitators. We have the bedrock of community for unlimited opportunity to learn alongside of men. Leader's of men, lead alongside of Leader's of men. No one leads or learns alone in this work.
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Our Leaders

Collectively Unlimited. Individually Resourced.

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Chief Visionary Officer
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