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Embodied Future

 Here to ground an embodied future for the benefit of all life. One built on unity through diversity. We are here to bridge the world to come with love and compassion for all life.

Sacred Acknowledgement

Sacred Sons Foundation is our acknowledgment that the responsibility of the future is in our hands. The lives of our children will be fundamentally different based on our actions, and non-actions. The Foundation is our way of giving future generations an opportunity to live in true harmony with one another, spirit, and the land.
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3 Commitment Pillars

Sacred Sons Foundation is devoted to a thriving future through our 3 Pillars of Commitment

Our Commitments

SONZ Youth Mentorship

SONZ is a youth mentoring and rites of passage experience for youth ages 11-19 to support and celebrate the transition from Boyhood to Manhood. 1 in 2 youth are provided a scholarship to all experiences. 

FAM Scholarships

Providing brothers of color, veterans, and those experiencing financial hardship the opportunity to be embraced in brotherhood. 1 in 5 men are provided scholarships to all EMX, Immersion and Leadership Training experiences.

The SEED Fund

SEED is dedicated to community development growth through land stewarding projects that support the mission of Sacred Sons.

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Sacred Sons Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN #85-2931100 in the state of Hawaii. All contributions are tax deductible.
We are a direct giving organization, which means that 100% of donations go directly to their designated program.

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