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Leadership Training Level 2 begins the process of specific types of skillset training.

LT2 Components:

  • 4 Days & 3 Nights
  • Includes ALL Meals & Lodging
  • Includes 4 EMXs as Support Facilitator
  • Includes 12 Months of Group Mentorship Calls
  • Prerequisite for LT2

What Does LT2 Focus On?

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Relational Training Basics

Men who step into the LT2 realm have the opportunity to deepen their capacity to facilitate group processes that bring about Relational, Emotional, and Ritual Connection experiences. Beginning LT2 is the first step towards our Relational Training Certification path which is all about continued understanding of our Standards of Presence within these types of containers.
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Physical Pillar Basics

Men who are called to facilitate Ritual Combat, movement practices, breathwork, or any physical process within Sacred Sons have spent timing focusing on the Physical Pillar training within the LT2 level. Learning "The 9's" and principles of this pillar begin at LT2 and are furthered with PP1 and PP2 trainings led by Kale and Andrew.
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The Ceremonialist Path

Want to play the flute, drum, sing or smudge a man at a Sacred Sons event? The Ceremonialist Path beckons you to align your presence in a good way, starting with committing to this path in LT2.
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Community Hosting

Want to bring a Sacred Sons Immersion or EMX to your local community and region? The Community Host In-Training focus provides you with the knowledge base on when, where and how to bring The Gold Standard of Men's Work to your community.
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Choose Your Session

LT2 NORTH AMERICA March 2024 - San Diego, CA
LT2 EUROPE Feb 2024 - Sardinia, Italy
Feb 22-25th, 2024 in Sardinia, italy

The First LT2 In Europe Is Happening!

Our first European LT2 cohort will be held alongside of Prime Leadership in Italy! This will be the only European LT2 cohort session in 2024.
MArch 14-17th, 2024 - Liberty arising, jacumba, CA

LT2 Returns to Liberty Arising!

This LT2 will be held at our annual LT Summit outside of San Diego, CA at Liberty Arising. This will be the only new North American LT2 cohort session in 2024.

Focus 1

FOCus 1


Relational Training 1

Our Level 1 training to build capacity to facilitate group processes that bring about Relational, Emotional, and Ritual Connection experiences.

Relational Training 2

Level 2 focuses on how to seamlessly lead processes alongside of other leaders and facilitators as well as deepening the foundations learned in RT1

Trauma & Safety Training

This training focuses on understanding physical and mental components to steward experiences of safety within men.

Focus 2

FOCus 2


Physical Pillar Level 1 - Foundations

PP1 is the gateway to embodying full spectrum vitality and functional embodiment. This course is a 9 Module at-home self-paced training and has open enrollment. PP1 is a prerequisite for PP2 Immersion training.

Physical Pillar Level 2 - Immersion

At Level 2 men dive into the foundational practices that create the competency on the intention and approaches to physical sessions, ritual combat, and breathwork with in SacredSons. Level 2 training is an in-person Immersion with Kale and Andrew with an an online container and coursework. 

Physical Pillar Level 3 - Certification

At Level 3 men have the opportunity to become proficient in the facilitation skills required to lead physical sessions and ritual combat within Sacred Sons. Men become certified at Level 3 with a multiple in-person Intensives and online coursework.
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