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Accelerated Path

Prime Leadership

This approach to Leadership Training is geared towards men wanting to train with the core leadership team of Sacred Sons. 4 Days of Intense Masculine Alchemy training bookended with a private 10 Week Online cohort of the intensive participants.
foundational training


LT1 is our core basic training that guides men into deepening their capacity for connection with themselves and the people in their lives. What lies beyond the Threshold of LT1 is a life steeped in brotherhood, accountability, and support!
lifestyle foundations

Physical Pillar

Kale and Andrew have spent the past 10 years training and developing this program that is like nothing else. Breath. Posture. Awareness. Lifestyle. These are the Physical Pillars we've defined for our community to embody our words, actions, and vitality.
Foundational Masculine education


Not sure if you're ready for the dive? The EMC is our basic training content that is focused on men learning the 7 Pillars of Masculine Embodiment. These foundational Pillars include exercises, prompts, weekly rituals, and concepts to truly learn the foundations of honest masculinity.

4 C's of Integration

#Connection | #Consumption | #Container | #Commitment

#1 Connection

#2 Consumption

#3 Container

#4 Commtiment

Key Aspects of Integration

Well our diverse collection of drawing courses is a great place to start.
  • Consistency with Self
  • Continued Connection with Others
  • Watch Yourself Grow
  • Support Accountability & Feedback
  • Become a Leader to Others
  • We are Stronger Together

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